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Our main goal is to provide you an efficient service to help you purchase, sell or repair your transducer resulting in lower your costs, increase your sales activities and improve your customer satisfaction

  • Sell Your Probe

    An easy way to offer your probe quickly due our extensive sales network and our reliable business partners.

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  • Repair Your Probe

    We can offer you a full solution for your broken / damaged cable connector, lens, cristal or strain relief. Ask here for your possibilities.

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Our expertise:

  • Offering high quality medical ultrasound transducers
  • Supporting you with selling your transducer model
  • An outstanding probe analysis and repair facility
  • All brands and models available
  • New, refurbished or second-hand transducers
  • Capable to sell models which are quite often difficult to sell or to get
  • Overview of all up-to-date offers
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week standy for you.
Transducers International matches each day continuously the demand and the availability of new, used and refurbished medical ultrasound transducers. We are committed to dealing only in the highest quality ultrasound transducers. To consistently deliver you such excellent equipment, we are selecting our sources carefully. We focus us continuously to maintain and expand our so important relationships.

To create maximum benefits for you at low costs, we can offer you as well as an cost-effective solution with a probe analysis and full repair facilities. A certain analysis identifies any hidden problems or allow us to indicates the costs of the repair of your probe.
For example we are able to repair your cable connector, lens, cristal and a strain relief replacement.